Shattered Expectations

People in a dating relationship often expect it will progress into a long term relationship or marriage after a few months or year. There have been times when both people agreed this was what they are seeking. The relationship becomes serious and each person focuses their life on their partner. One person will believe the relationship is going well and expects the couple will soon be married. That person is devastated when their partner suddenly claims they never wanted to get married at all. This is enough to shatter a person's expectations for the relationship. The hurt may be compounded when they find out six months later that their former partner has married someone else.

When a person's expectations for a relationship are completely shattered in this way, they need time to heal. The pain of this type of breakup runs deep. A person doubts their own ability to be in a successful relationship. They wonder if they should just stop trying to find their significant other. Crushed, they often become isolated and depressed.

It is difficult for a person in this situation to live a normal life at first. Going out on dates seems impossible. An independent escort is a good choice for a date. There is no expectation of forming a relationship, but it helps to cure the person's isolation issue. They may even realize it helps them to get out of the house.

People that want to take a good long break from dating might consider contacting a escort agency. This will provide them with a variety of escorts for nights out on the town or companionship. It will help them to recover quicker if they have someone to talk with, even if it is just light conversation. They will have someone to spend quality time with them without the worry of a broken commitment.