Relationship Tests

When One Partner Strays


People are not perfect, so expectations for a relationship without flaws can be unreal. Many of those in serious relationships have seen their partner’s flaws, and they are willing to live with them. They know their own flaws can be difficult to live with, so many of them believe there is nothing that can truly harm their relationship after a few years. They might be correct, but the results can be devastating when one partner strays out of the relationship. They could regret their action, but it does not necessarily mean the other person will be able to continue building a future with them.

Cheating on a partner is a betrayal of trust, but it can go deeper than that. Emotionally it is a minefield where love is blown into small pieces, and forgiveness is when the couple attempts to put them all back together. The result might look whole, but there will always be a few mismatched pieces. Some partners can live and flourish that way, but others find it is impossible to forgive.

The damage is bad enough, but regaining the trust in the relationship can be more difficult. Even if a partner is willing to try again, the person who cheated might get tired of the constant questions and justifications of how they spend their time. Being called at work to check they are there is common, and accounting for how long it took to pick up food or dry cleaning can become tiresome after a few months.

It takes a great deal for many couples to overcome the emotional toll when one partner strays, and they should face the possibility the relationship can never be completely repaired. For those who are willing to give it a try, seeking professional help for their emotional pain is a good first step.